Our TGEE platform​

Based on our pioneering inventions TargetGene now has the most precise working gene editing system on the planet.​

TargetGene is a pioneer in the field of genome editing and owns the first RNA-guided nuclease system ever invented. This unique proprietary molecular tool, the TargetGene Genome-Editing Engine (TGEE), features unprecedented specificity for its genetic target. 

The development of this system combines deep knowledge of protein engineering, molecular gene-editing mechanisms, and cell biology. 

The TGEE system has been successfully implemented in human cell lines, and is now being applied to human gene therapy.

The TGEE system will transform gene editing by directly overcoming the main barrier to clinical applications: specificity. TGEE accomplishes this by using a novel genetic guidance system of two guide RNAs. The TGEE system provides a highly efficacious single treatment for a specific medical problem as opposed to chronic treatment. This opens many opportunities for applying the technology towards a variety of therapeutic applications such as heritable diseases, cancer, and immune-disorders, with superior benefit for patients.

Safety without compromise. TargetGene’s T-GEE editing platform is highly efficient and versatile making it just as easy to use as CRISPR-Cas9 but 100-thousand times more precise.

1.T-GEE uses two guides and is thus safer, orders of magnitude more precise than CRISPR-Cas9 that suffers from potentially dangerous off-target gene damage.
2.T-GEE is as versatile and easy to use as CAS9 allowing targeting of any gene.
3.T-GEE is highly efficient.

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